SD226 and DD307 – first week progress report

I know it’s not really my first week on either of these courses, but with the official start dates for both DD307 and SD226 behind me, I can feel the clock ticking towards the DD307 exam and the SD226 ECA. Or whatever it’s now officially called. Even after four years I can’t keep on top of all of the OU acronyms and abbreviations and their changes; I know that both DD307 and SD226 are now modules, yet I’ve already called them courses in this post.

Progress on DD307 is good, I think. I have a fairly reasonable effort at TMA01 in the bag (this weekend’s task will be to re-write it a bit and then forget about it until closer to the submission date) and I’m at last starting to make some real progress on SD226 as well. I’m avoiding the course forums on SD226 though (but the tutor group one seems ok at the moment) as they’re just far too frantic to make any real sense of. The DD307 one is a bit more measured at the moment (perhaps surprisingly, given the passions the course seems to arouse in so many) so maybe that’s where I’ll spend most of my time hanging out this year. Oddly enough, even with me having a scientific and mathematical background, I’m enjoying DD307 much more than SD226 so far.

Maybe something will click for me on SD226 eventually – it’s just that compared to the topics being discussed in the social psychology course (Families! Emotion! Embodiment! Fundamental Attribution Error!) information about neurons and receptors and nervous systems seems to be rather low-stakes stuff to be honest. And just a teeny weeny bit dull, too.

I’ve now managed to complete my notes on the DD307 emotion chapter. This has probably been my favourite chapter on the whole of my OU journey to date – partly because the topic and the debates are interesting in their own right but mostly because of the style the chapter is written in. I wish I could write like that. Take a bow, Brian Parkinson of the University of Oxford. I’m in love with this chapter so much I can hardly bear to move on to “Self”, but I fear that I must.

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  1. Judith

    Dear Tim
    I came upon your blog by accident while preparing for my first TMA for DD303 and found it very amusing as well as informative. How you manage to make such neat concise notes I do not know but thanks for them as I have benefited from reading them! I am doing both DD303 and SD226 this year having completed (and LOVED) DD307 last year. Not quite sure I am happy about the switch to cognitive and quantitative research, so much preferred the critical social psychology aspect. I hope that you don’t mind me looking at the notes you prepared for DD303, no wonder you got a distinction!
    Kind regards

    • tim

      Hi Judith,

      Thanks for your kind words – and good luck with both DD303 and SD226 this year. I’m hoping that taking DD307 with SD226 will balance things up a bit, but at the moment I’m definitely preferring DD307. That may all change of course after I get the results of TMA01 back …

      The DD303 course has changed in content a little this year I believe. This means some of the notes I made last year are either redundant (I don’t think connectionism is covered any more for example) or will need using with care as the material in some chapters has been updated. I’m glad you’ve found them useful though!

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