DD307 TMA02 finished – and about flipping time too!

I finally got to the end of TMA02 a few moments ago. As with TMA01, I don’t think its the greatest essay that I’ve ever written – in fact, I know it’s not the greatest essay I’ve ever written, but frankly, it’s going to have to do. But I do sincerely believe that it’s good enough for a pass 2 grade. If the return of TMA01 was anything to go by, I shouldn’t have long to wait to find out if it was.

As it is, I’ve spent so long on TMA02 that I’m now exactly where the course calendar says I should be. That’s a real problem as I’m trying to do SD226 simultaneously. (I can already hear the chorus of friends reminding me that they did say it would be madness to try this … yes, I know, but I am where I am 🙂 ).

There’s a couple of chapters from the “critical readings” book to do next, followed by working out what I want to do for my project, writing the proposal and obtaining ethical approval (TMA03). At least it’s not another essay to struggle with. I’m quite looking forward to the project – but then, I’m still really enjoying the course, despite my struggles with the assessment side of things.

As the deadline for the SD226 TMA01 passed a couple of days ago (and I’d managed to submit that assignment well ahead of time), I’m noticing that I’m developing my usual habit of checking to see if my tutor has marked it at least twenty times a day. I want to see my result for that assignment to convince myself that either DD307 TMA01 was a blip and I really can study two courses at the same time, or alternatively find out now that the wheels are starting to fall off and that perhaps I need to think about deferring one of the courses until next year. I’m not sure how to go about doing that, but I’m sure the information will be around somewhere on the OU website if I need to consider it.

For the moment, I’m sticking with the ‘blip’ hypothesis.

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  1. Diane

    I’m sure you’ll be fine Tim. Do you need to get a pass 2 for dd307 in order to get a first overall? I bet you can do it. As a fellow double courser, I definitely share the ‘aaargh’ factor, but I reckon we can just about pull it off!

    • tim

      I’m pretty sure that’s the way it works. And I need to pass SD226 too, of course! I know what you mean by the aaargh factor – it’s quite a switch going from thinking about phenomenowotsits one moment and counting C-Fos cells the next …

  2. Sue Blench

    I loved SD226 and as I’ve said before hated DD307. Switching between the 2 would have really done my head in! Are C-Fos, I remember them with affection!

    My advice for your DD307 project is keep it really, really simple (don’t try to push back and frontiers!) and get your interviews done as soon as you can, as the typing of the transcripts takes ages – thats even before you have to phaf around analysing them.

    Good luck, having done both courses, I have deep respect at you and Diane doing them at the same time. You’re both either brilliant or mad!!!

    • tim

      Not sure about Diane, but I definitely fall into the mad category. However, having submitted TMA02 for DD307 and TMA01 for SD226, I’m now in the happy position of being able to spend twice as long looking at the module records on studenthome to see if the result for either/both of them are back!

  3. Phil

    Tim – did you get a first for the level three cog course? is that why you only need a level 2 pass for this course? Not sure how it works! If you did get a first for the cog – do you have any quick advice on how to do well?

  4. tim

    Hi Phil – that’s right. I’m fairly certain I only need a pass 3 on this to end up with a 1st overall – there’s a wonderfully complicated document explaining it all on the OU website somewhere, but don’t tackle it without a calculator!

    I found the DD303 OUPS revision weekend at Warwick uni really helped me to get through the exam last year – that, plus making lots of notes, practice essays, drawing pictures – in fact, anything that wasn’t just reading helped!

  5. Phil

    Thanks Tim for the tips, I need them! Thanks also for being so generous in sharing your notes. DD307 is enjoyable to an extent, but its hard to get your head round in places.

    And well done for doing so well, its damn hard to get a first.

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