DD307 TMA04 – the end is in sight

Finally, I have a complete draft of my project report which has approximately the right number of words in it (just over 4,000) in the right kind of proportions. I’m drained. I need to go back to it before I submit it as the discussion is still too waffly and I’ve had some ideas for further research that I want to incorporate.

I have no idea what kind of a grade I’ll get for it. Having reset my own personal expectations I’m determined to regard anything over 70 as a personal triumph. Anything over 55 is not disastrous either. The fact that I have no idea what it’s worth suggests I still haven’t got to grips properly with this course even now.

Life outside of the OU dictates that whatever I have by the end of tomorrow will have to do. I’ve a stupidly busy schedule at work next week and it’s the Goodwood festival of speed next weekend, so I’m definitely not taking my project with me! Fortunately, on SD226, I have a sympathetic tutor who has already granted me a small extension (the only one I’ve ever requested for my OU studies) for TMA03, which is due in on the same day as the project. I’m still hopeful that I won’t have to use it, as I only have half of the essay question left to tackle, but better safe than sorry I guess.

Once these two assignments have been submitted, I’ll be just 3 TMAs, an EMA and an exam away from my second degree. At the moment, it feels like I’m just about managing to hang on.

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  1. Sonya

    Congratulations on a draft for the project report!  I am so envious:-)  Haven't started mine yet, not even the analysis….. been procrastinating with the SD226 TMA (which is more or less finished), dreading the thought of tackling that wooly beast!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

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