DD307 Block 5 – Group Processes

It’s amazing how a little thing like an approaching holiday can concentrate the mind.

In the last few days, I’ve managed to read and make notes on two of the three ‘group processes’ chapters of DD307. So it’s farewell to prejudice & conflict and intragroup processes! I’m even managing to get through the TMA05 chapter on intergroup processes too. This is just as well, as I only have this weekend left in which to write my essay if I’m not going to be scrabbling around for an internet connection while I’m in Cyprus. It wasn’t too difficult to find one last year, but even so, I’d rather not take the risk.

I seem to be getting a second wind on the course now that the project is out-of-the-way and marked. Given that I managed to score 80% on it and the marks I did drop could have been avoided if I’d read the instructions more carefully,  perhaps it means that I’ve finally managed to find a way of dealing with this interesting, but incredibly frustrating course.

I’ve also had my examination centre allocated in the last week. It will be in the Derbyshire CC pavilion yet again – perhaps this time I won’t get a wobbly desk! But it is a really convenient location for me as it’s only a 10-15 minute drive from home (and even less from the office). I know many other OUers are not quite so lucky, so I’m not going to moan. Instead, I’ll grab a couple of beer mats from the bar as I go in so I have something to stick under the table leg if I’m unlucky. And maybe, when I’ve finished my last exam for this degree, I might just sneak back in and buy the odd pint or two.

It’s all a bit frantic and stressful at the moment, but I know I’m going to miss the OU when I finish in October.

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  1. Jane

    Good on you Tim, and congrats on a cracking mark for your project. I would take 80% right now- what a great start to the exam! You sound very positive and upbeat- I hope you are carried on through the TMA and are able to relax on your hols and leave all things OU behind…for a while 🙂

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