Caption competition

The graphic below has started to appear on the Open University’s StudentHome page over the last couple of days:

OU 2012 Fees Banner
<Your caption here!>

There’s a lot of tempting space on the left hand side of the image for a speech bubble or caption. The expression on the man’s face is rather strange and there appears to be a mushroom cloud exploding over the woman’s head.

I’m rubbish at writing witty and amusing captions, but maybe someone else out there could oblige? I’m offering a (very) small prize for the best submission I receive in the comments.

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Reader Comments

  1. Chris Meighan

    With this year’s fees so astronomical you too would think you’ve booked a space-trip to Saturn. So book! your place now.

  2. Chris Meighan

    The OU have teamed-up with Hogwarts for their new course, HP101. On this 30-point course, wand-er down the magical world of cloud convection for those days when a muggles rain-dance just isn’t enough to get those Mandrakes growing. You won’t be Saturn your backside for long once you get to grips with your Nimbus2000 and the new craze, book Jenga.

  3. Una

    He’s thinking “I want to be a tomato” …

    Or maybe he’s singing “C is for Cookie” by The Cookie Monster.

    I don’t think he’s thinking about a tma anyway… he’s far too relaxed looking!
    U 🙂

  4. peter

    wow is that Saturn that i am Purchasing with my course materials. i thought my new course would just cost the earth!!

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