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I didn’t manage to get DD307 TMA05 done before I set off on holiday, so my laptop and books all came with me. It somehow felt appropriate though to be writing about intergroup conflict while I was watching the news from home. I hope everyone who reads this blog has managed to stay safe.

In the end, I managed to write what I hope is a half decent essay. Billig’s criticism of SIT is quite a slippery one to get to grips with. I’m just concerned that my essay really wasn’t critical enough and rather repetitive in some places. Actually, come to think of it, rather like Billig’s critique of Tajfel to be honest. If he’s still at Loughborough University, I might just pop down the M1 to thank him 🙂

Anyway, I’m now cracking on with my final SD226 TMA and drafting an essay on how classical conditioning and the extent to which all other forms of learning can be explained by synaptic changes. I’d better not let my DD307 tutor see it!

I’m also starting to think about the final DD307 TMA which I’ve realised has to be in on 7th September. I’ve still got nearly all of the reading for that one to do and I’m also miles behind in my note making. At least there’s a decent gap between it and the exam on 13th October. Something tells me revision is going to be a little fraught this year with the SD226 EMA to fit in as well. I’m hoping that the OUPS revision weekend at Warwick will help me focus on what I need to cover. If anyone reading this is going too, it would be nice to say hello – I don’t bite, even if I’m a little grumpy at times. I also promise not to take my leg warmers to the disco with me this year!

But after the exam my OU journey will be over.

I’m not sure what I’m going to find to occupy my time next year. I’ve decided to try to get fit and play more with my vintage computers that are collecting dust in the attic and garage. I’m also going to spend more time doing fun things with my wife! She complains that she’s barely seen me over the last 5 years because of the OU and work … Lots of walks in the Peak District are called for, or perhaps making more use of our NT membership.

I’m not sure if I’ll carry on blogging after the end of my degree, or at least not here anyway. Somehow I think may just about reach a natural end by the time the results are out.

For those of you that are awaiting the results of the caption competition, I’ve decided to keep it open until Sunday at which point I’ll announce the winner of the very small prize! So there’s still time to have a go.

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  1. Saffy

    Hi, did you have to pay for extra luggage allowance for all your books! Does that mean your poor Wife does not to get spend time with you on holiday? You could always do a 10 or 15 pointer to keep your hand in 😉

    • tim

      Hi Saffy,

      The DD307 books are quite lightweight and were smuggled out in hand baggage! I didn’t let study take over the holiday though, so you’ve no need to feel sorry for me or Jane!


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