We are proud to accept only Visa

So says the sign in the window of the London 2012 shop at St. Pancras station. Before I caught my train home this evening, I had a quick look around inside. I do wonder if Visa are proud of them though. I couldn’t identify a single item that I would consider buying as it was all (a) too expensive or (b) amazingly ugly and tacky or (c) both. Maybe it’s because I’m old and grumpy, but I’ve never seen it looking very busy, so perhaps there are lots of other people who agree with me too.

I did mischievously wonder what the staff would do if I went and filled up a basket full of goodies and then offered them my MasterCard, but even I wasn’t feeling that mean or bored! But I’m willing to bet that it’s happened and that they’ve all been trained in what to do in such circumstances. Maybe they’d offer to sign you up for a Visa card on the spot? If not, then perhaps they and their sponsors are missing an opportunity.

I decided I didn’t want to hang around in there long enough to find out though.

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