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Having finally received a definitive “look elsewhere” email from the OU a couple of weeks ago, I’m slowly working my way through the options there are for distance learning masters courses in psychology and related subjects.

As October 2012 is the earliest entry date for all of the options I’ve investigated so far, I’ve plenty of time to consider things before I need to apply. So far, I’ve talked to Derby University, Birkbeck and I’ve just sent off for a Leicester University prospectus too (thanks for the prod in their direction Cecilia!)

As I’d be studying for fun personal development reasons, I’m in no hurry I suppose. October 2013, 2023 or 2033 would do … but I’d quite like to make a start before I forget everything that I’ve learned over the last five years! However, there is the small matter of wanting to do other things with my non-work time as well, which are all competing with the “study” addiction I appear to have.

As it looks as if I may need to help to fund another family member’s studies (and they’re more important, as Em would actually do something with hers instead of simply adding post nominals to a business card) that will probably enforce a bit of a pause too.

In the meantime, I’m ploughing on through Graham Richard’s book “Putting psychology in its place” – and a great read it is too. It’s one of those books that I’m sure I’d have enjoyed reading even before the OU degree, but the experience of having completed it makes it even more enjoyable. I’m finding it’s helping me to understand the relative contributions made to psychological knowledge by the particular research traditions that the degree covered – and also the topics it omitted. As such, it’s providing me with a useful framework to understand how much more there is to uncover and learn about in this fascinating discipline.

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  1. Strategic Hero


    I would recommend that you apply for October 2012 entry as once you put it off for a year, it can quickly become 2 years – keep the study momentum going.

    And have you decided on a course yet ?

    Birkbeck, University of London programme is prestigious but comes at a cost (appx 11k!)


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