Call back in February – Birkbeck responds to my enquiry

I’ve just been speaking to a very helpful person at Birkbeck College regarding the enquiry I made last week about the masters courses run by their department of psychological sciences.

He suggested that I should call them back in February as there was a good chance that Birkbeck would also be cancelling its psychology masters courses for new students with effect from October 2012 – the next start date. When I asked why, he suggested that it was down to there being too much competition for students and also that their existing courses probably needed a complete redesign, as they weren’t working very well at the moment. It’s an honest, if slightly strange sales technique I suppose!

This is all beginning to get rather disheartening. Still, if there’s lots of competition for students, it must mean that there is something out there for me! It’s just finding it that seems to be rather tricky at the moment. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Leicester University after their prospectus arrives.

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  1. Katie Stanley

    Interesting! I’ve actually ruled out Birbeck now, was pretty well put off by a video I found on You Tube from their occupational psychology open evening. The guy presenting basically said that the courses were academic so if prospectives students were expecting any application of psychology to real life they could forget it! Strange attitude for masters which are meant to be applied psychology! They also have a huge volume of students every year which again put me off.

    I do hope this doesn’t mean other courses are going to go the same way too!

    • tim

      Hi Katie,

      I’ve just received and read the Leicester prospectus. If they’re still running the course in October 2012, then I think it’s the one for me. They’re not too far away from home, so getting to the Univeristy for the optional conferences and the like would be easy too. I shall ponder it over the course of the next couple of months I think … always assuming I’ve passed DD30 and SD226 of course!

  2. Gail Ollis

    Aw Tim, that sucks! And the argument sounds like a close cousin of “you’re the 100th person I’ve told today, there’s no demand for it”! Really hope you get some more positive responses soon.

    • tim

      Hi Gail,

      I’ve just received the Leicester prospectus on their distance learning occupational psychology course – looks vey promising. I feel a whole lot better now than I did at around 10am this morning, that’s for sure! I have my dissertation all planned too! 🙂


  3. SH

    Hi Katie

    I also saw the youtube video from their psychology department on OP and I have the postgrad prospectus as well. Birkbecks programmes are “academic” whilst London Met University OP programme is very hands-on (see video)

    Since I am London based, I can pursue Birkbecks programme come 2012/2013 but depends where I am in my job and the OU maybe a better choice for me.

    I have time to decide and plan it all – Good luck to what you ever decide.

  4. Katie Stanley

    Hi Tim,

    Glad you’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak! I thought the Leicester course looked quite good as well… and I’m sure you will have passed DD307 and SD226 no problem! not long to wait now anyway!

    best wishes

  5. Katie Stanley

    Thanks – I’ve looked at London Met as well and agree, their course seemed much more hands on…but the drawback is that it isn’t distance learning so for me it will depend on whether my current employer thinks it will benefit them enough to let me study for one day a week! You never know I guess! I also think Occupational Psy wouldn’t be my first choice if I could do any psychology masters but the choices for mature students having to pay a mortgage etc are pretty limited! Decisions…decisions…

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