Eleven from eleven in eleven

A look back at the eleven most read posts on this blog from 2011, in 2011.

Open University students in limbo over fees until spring 2012 (1,397 views) From 2nd May, when the OU’s own (now defunct) fourinten campaign was suggesting that OU students would have to wait until the spring of 2012 to find out what autumn 2012 fees would be. I calculated £4,965 as being the likely 120 credit equivalent for students in England – not too far away from the £5,000 eventually announced.
A headline no-one wanted to see – OU fees to rise to £5,000 in England (972 views) From 20th July. Sadly, I was a mere £35 out in my earlier prediction.
OUSA comments on post-2012 Open University fees (968 views) From 3rd June. At the time, OUSA were expecting 2012 fee announcements to be made in January 2012. In the event, the news for students resident in England appeared just a few weeks later.
The end of the line for the OU Psychology Masters courses? (814 views) From January 7th. The first indications that the fallout from the Browne review of HE wasn’t simply going to be on undergraduate course fees.
Gutted – but even more determined (640 views) My reaction to my DD307 TMA01 mark on March 4th. Things did get better eventually, so to anyone else who has a similar shock this year, don’t give up!
DD307 Block 5 – Group Processes (601 views) From 19th July. Playing catch-up with reading and note making before my holiday.
The impact of university tuition fees – a spreadsheet (598 views) A rough and ready calculator (in Open Office Calc format) on what tuition fee repayments under the 2012 scheme will mean. Published on March 17th.
OU bloggers react to the announcement of increased fees in England (583 views) July 21st. Anger, shock and disappointment from elsewhere in the OU bloggosphere
No more social science masters programmes to be offered by the OU for “the foreseeable future” (561 views) November 6th – and the OU confirms in writing that if you’re looking for a distance learning psychology MSc, the OU will no longer be providing them unless and until the current HE funding regime is altered.
DD307 – Sniggering at the Social Psychoanalytical approach (561 views) Why social psychoanalytical psychology fails Occam’s razor. Published on March 8th, and I still think this approach to psychology is unproductive.
DD307 – Block 1 notes finished (527 views) This was published a year ago today on January 2nd, so I’d obviously made an early start on last year’s courses. All of my notes from the 2011 presentation of DD307 are still available here.

An honourable mention should also go to this post – Higher Education white paper due out today – which had just 419 views in total. However, 321 of those were within 24 hours of it being published. The most likely explanation for the unwarranted popularity of this single post appears to be because of a short-lived quirk in a well-known search engine!

A (slightly belated) happy new year to all my readers.

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