Raspberry Pi – we *have* been here before!

The lauch of the Raspberry Pi is beginning to look more and more like the early days of home computing – but this time, it’s not about the excitement of programming, it’s all about delays in delivery. Having been promised delivery by April 30th, it will now be with me “around the end of May”. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world I suppose!

Earlier on today, I found this reminder of the problems that Science of Cambridge had in delivering the MK14. Somehow, the apology from Science of Cambridge in 1978 seems somewhat more sincere than the rather gushing email I received from Farnell element 14 a couple of days ago.

Late delivery of the Raspberry PI - an almost apology.
Late delivery of the Raspberry PI - an almost apology.

However, at least I’ve managed to place an order with Farnell – which is more that RS Components have managed to offer me so far. In the meantime, I might just have to dig my Vic20 out of the attic to have a play with as well as playing with the UK101 sat by me in the study as I type this …

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