MITx 6.002x – five opinions from the blogosphere #2

Many students are now getting on for a quarter of the way through 6.002x, so I thought I’d re-visit the blogosphere to see what others are saying about the course.

Patrick at Padded Thoughts says that the course is like “suduko on steroids” and adds: “For me the homework has become the driver – quite revealing in itself though not a surprise to find assessment is taking over.” This is definitely true for me too!

Yvonne Belanger argues in “MITx: A view from the inside” that answering the fundamental question of “What would the student experience be like?” is best addressed by enrolling in the course. 6.002x receives a positive initial impressions, as do the course instructors: “Professor Agarwal’s humor, caring for students as learners, and love for his discipline clearly comes through; that’s also true for the co-instructors Sussman and Mitros.”

Sam at Bardolatry (and other stuff) reflects on feedback in the system. “I posted my first question (about how to identify parallel resistors) and shortly received several responses. In the system, I was able to choose the correct answer–and I was gratified to see that I could choose more than one correct answer … Being able to accept more than one answer shows that MITx values multiple perspectives and different ways of explaining a concept.”

Chris, writing about week 3 at Bees Not Included is similarly impressed: “The course has so far lived up to the high standards expected of an MIT course. I think what distinguishes this course from those at other universities, including Southampton University’s excellent ECS School is the effort they have put into making the on-line learning environment (eurgh) as good as possible.”

Of course, there is also some pedagogical criticism around too. Coach Brown in MITx, and the illusion that online course work is ground-breaking makes the very valid point that not every course will work in the online environment: “… everyone seems to forget in a lot of courses the online environment simply can’t replicate the real world laboratory.  Try and prepare to be a teacher online and see where that gets you.  Oh wait … ”

If you’re working your way through 6.002x and are writing about your experiences then please let me know. It would be good to feature you in my next MITx blog roundup.

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