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It’s ages since I did one of these navel-gazing posts, but I do still collect the statistics from this blog on a regular basis. It’s not good to become too obsessed with such things but just in case anyone else other than me is interested, here’s the latest update.

There have been just under 22,900 page impressions  in the first quarter of this year (counting just those made by real people rather than automated “bots”) – up 3% on the same period last year.

Excluding visits to the home page (4,062) and my OU psychology notes pages (9,051), the most popular individual posts this quarter are shown in the graphic below:

Most popular posts: January 1st 2012 - March 31st 2012
Most popular posts: January 1st 2012 - March 31st 2012

Of the top 20 posts, 6 are about my current progress on the MITx 6.002x ‘circuits and electronics’ course (red), 7 are general posts about the Open University (cyan), with a further 4 written last year about the OU DD307 (3 – purple) and SD226 (1 – yellow) modules.

There are also 3 posts on more general topics, including my observations about security procedures and customer service practices surrounding the NS&I website. This still attracts a steady stream of readers and comments 9 months after it was written, suggesting to me that all is still not well.

Although not quite getting into the top 20, there was one post this quarter which made it into the Lib Dem Voice “golden dozen” – my first ever appearance! It concerned Simon Hughes’ analysis of the 2012 UCAS figures and the silence there still is about the dramatic decline in university applications from mature students.

Thanks for reading – time to get back to 6.002x!

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