Phenonominololological: Surf Teddy launches his bid for worldwide stardom!

I received an email from Eddie Chauncy yesterday – the creator of the wonderful TMA song and friend of Surf Teddy.

About the TMA song Eddie writes:

I really only shared the song with my DD307 Facebook crowd as some light-hearted fun, but was stunned at the response!  Who’d have thought it?!

Surf Teddy’s become a bit of a legend in his own right.  For us on the course this year, it’s been a kind of illustration of social psychology.  If we ever needed convincing about emotion as an interactively-shared construction, this did it!

You might find it fun to know/share that, due to popular demand, The TMA Song is coming out on Amazon tomorrow, April 4, and should be available on iTunes soon too!

Here’s the link to purchase the track from Amazon if you’re in the UK or Europe, and  this is the link to Amazon that will allow you to purchase the track if you’re in the USA. It’s definitely worth 89 pence (or 99 cents) of anyone’s money. If enough of us head over there and buy it, maybe Surf Teddy will get to be the Easter number 1 … go on, make the bear’s day! 🙂

Surf Teddy - The TMA Song
Surf Teddy - The TMA Song

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