Let’s abolish ALL bank holidays!

Bear with me on this one for a minute.

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where the swivel-eyed loons of  The Centre for Economics and Business Research were starved of the oxygen of publicity for their ignorant views? Where people who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing were pitied and asked to go and do something useful with their lives, instead of being promoted as the lead story on the BBC, on the radio and in newspapers?

I know I would. And I have a cunning plan to make it so.

We should abolish all bank holidays. Better – we should stop holidays of any kind whatsoever.

That way, we might get some proper scrutiny of such arrant nonsense before it gets published. I mean, if senior journalists were at their desks all of the time and didn’t have to rely on junior staff to cover holiday absences, this type of story would never see the light of day again, would it?

Oh. Wait …

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  1. Arnold

    I’d settle for making them a little confusing… Friday and Monday the Post Office and quite a lot of the public sector is closed. Monday and Tuesday the Civil Service is closed. Liquor licensing in NI is just confusing to think seriously about… no liquor before 5pm on Good Friday, but the off licenses are open whilst on the Sunday the bars are open but the off licenses are closed. The “24 hour” Tesco shut at 7pm on Monday, we gave up trying on Tuesday though 6pm seemed to be the rule then.

    As I say, very confusing. I need a holiday to recover 🙂

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