MITx 6.002x week 6 – the midterm exam approaches

Having been a little bit ahead of the curve after completing the week 5 homework and lab, I’m now somewhat further behind than I ought to be, mostly because I took the week after Easter off on holiday. The course definitely hasn’t been plain sailing for the last couple of weeks. I wrote that I’d struggled to get the answer to the penultimate homework question in week 5 correct and in the end, I simply had to give up on it. Fortunately,  I’ve found week 6 a little more straightforward, but I’ve been just as frustrated with the maths as I was in week 5.

So my overall progress now looks like this:

MITx 6.002x progress - at the end of week 6
MITx 6.002x progress - at the end of week 6

However, the course is just about to get even more interesting (or rather, more difficult) to keep up with.

This week, as well as needing to complete the week 7 material, homework and labs, I also have the midterm exam to tackle. The instructions on the course website say that the exam will be available from 2200 GMT on April 25th (which I calculate is 2300 BST!) until 1200 GMT on April 30th (1300 BST, I believe). Once I decide to start the exam, I will have 24 hours in which to complete it – and only 3 attempts per question to get the right answer (as opposed to having unlimited attempts on the homework and lab questions). That still seems rather generous however – particularly when thinking back to my OU experience.

I’ll be quite happy with anything over 60%  on the midterm … which will at least keep me in the game for the remainder of the course.

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