I’m not 17 … but neither was anyone else

Last Saturday evening, as Elvis Costello was thundering towards the climax of his performance at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, I remembered what it was like to be 17 again. Just for a few moments during the final couple of songs I really believed that the last 30 or so years hadn’t happened yet.

A quick glance around convinced me of reality though. Probably the most notable feature of the evening, aside from the privilege of watching a great performer was that the vast majority of the audience were most definitely not 17. They were nearly all my age – or older. The teenagers were a few yards up the road, waiting to get into Rock City as us oldies all trooped out into the night after the gig had finished at around 11pm.

But for a couple of hours it was great to re-live the soundtrack to that particular part of my life … even if I can’t hear any version of High Fidelity (a single from the 1980 “Get Happy!!” album) without my brain superimposing the scratches at the end of the track which have always been on my copy.

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