MITx 6.002x – almost time for the final exam

I’ve just completed the last homework (week 12) for 6.002x, so I’m running rather behind schedule as I haven’t even looked at the lectures for week 13 yet.  Normally, this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but as week 13 contains the final two sequences that could be tested on the final exam, I need to get a move on. Fortunately, in line with MIT practice, there’s no homework or lab for week 13. Equally fortunately, I’m very pleased that the Jubilee celebrations mean that I  have Monday and Tuesday off next week too!

All being well, these lucky breaks mean that I should get to the final exam in reasonable shape.

It’s going to be made available on June 6th from 2200 GMT (2300 BST) and will close at 1200 GMT (1300 BST) on June 11th. As with the midterm exam everyone has 24 hours from opening the paper to complete it, with 3 attempts per question permitted.

I’m currently 1.2% off the ‘C’ passing grade – which means I need to score just 3% on the final exam to gain my certificate. To obtain a ‘B’ I’d have to score 28%, with an ‘A’ available if I manage to achieve 72%.

Best wishes to everyone who’s going to attempt the 6.002x final exam next week. I wonder how many of the 120,000+ who originally registered for the course have made it this far?

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