Weird stuff I do on my course number 94 …

… spend a Saturday morning cleaning the inside of my car (for appearances sake, you understand) and then taking photographs of its controls and displays for an assignment I’m writing. I hadn’t noticed this button before (I’ve had the car for about two years, but it is tucked away on the roof) and I have no idea what it does.

Mystery ControlI’m now reading the handbook in an attempt to understand if it’s important. I really hope that it isn’t. If you don’t want to know the answer before you’ve had a chance to guess for yourself, stop reading now!







Ready? It’s earth-shattering stuff:

Page 48 of the manual tells me its to do with “Volumetric/anti-lift protection” and that “the deactivation of the function is indicated by the LED on A button flashing for several seconds.”

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  1. Phil Beesley

    It’s obvious. If you have locked yourself out of your car and need to break in or carry it away on a low loader, press the button before proceeding. Consider it in the same way as the old POST error message displayed on PCs: Keyboard missing. Press F1 to continue.

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