Good news – OU psychology MSc courses to get a reboot in 2016

Good news reaches me from the Open University. After a gap of several years, the foreseeable future has arrived and there are now plans to offer three different masters qualifications in psychology from 2016.

Details are fairly sketchy at the moment, but it appears that they will be offered as two-year, part-time qualifications consisting of a 30 credit foundation module, 90 credits of taught content and a 60 credit dissertation. The degrees are planned to be offered in Contemporary Psychological Studies, Forensic Psychological Studies and Criminological Studies.

There are no plans to have the qualifications accredited by the British Psychological Society, which seems a bit of a shame, but my understanding is that this shouldn’t be a concern if your undergraduate qualification has already given you the graduate basis for chartership (GBC), which the OU degree in psychology (B07 or Q07) does. I expect that this omission will help them to contain the costs of tuition, which are currently unknown but expected to be in line with other OU masters qualifications.

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  1. David Byrne

    Yes, it’s better news than the “no news” we’ve had since Jan 2011, but I’m intrigued as to what “Contemporary Psychological Studies” might be, given the lack of a new research methods Masters. Hopefully it will have some serious content, and won’t be some woolly Mickey Mouse degree.

    • tim

      Hi David,

      I’m sure it will be most exacting! Hopefully, they’ll be using the “Contemporary” tag as a vehicle to (eventually?) offer content module options based on people’s interests – e.g. occupational psychology, social psychology or sports psychology related choices. Too late for me though regardless – I’ve just submitted assignment 6 of 12 for my OP MSc at Leicester!


  2. Gerard

    In some strange quirk of fate, as a former OU Psychology graduate I found myself googling the fate of their Master’s courses today. Only to find your blog post from only a few days previously.
    Thanks for the update!
    And also……thanks for the notes. They were a godsend in last minute cramming before the exams! 🙂

  3. Sonja

    Yes, good news. On the other side, why can’t they just offer a masters course that says, plainly and simply, “Psychology”? It strikes me as extremely odd that many universities are having programmes that are labelled “Applied Studies of Sorts” or “Contemporary Something”. The OU used to have that MSc Psychology some years ago. Was it that bad?

Your thoughts?