Should I go to Glasgow for the DOP conference in January?

I’ve really been enjoying the Commonwealth Games over the last few days, even though my view of them has been from my armchair at home, supplemented by a few quick, surreptitious glances at the BBC website while I’ve been at work, rather than from the venues in Glasgow. However, an event in Glasgow that I’m currently considering whether to attend is the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology annual conference in early January 2015.

While the full (non-residential) cost of the conference for BPS members is £317 (rising to £357 for registrations received after 20th October) for a non-residential package, they’re currently offering a reduced rate to postgraduate students of £179 for the 3 days of the conference, which looks rather more affordable. First time attendees (which I would be) are also offered the chance to team up with an ambassador, as a way of breaking the ice and meeting new people to network with – always a useful thing to do at conferences.

Details of the programme are still a little sketchy at the moment, presumably because the deadline for submissions isn’t for another few days, but the keynote speakers they have announced sound fascinating. As I’m involved in helping organisations to adopt business process management as part of my day job it would be of professional, as well as academic interest to be able listen to Dr Helen Bevan.

I’m still undecided as to whether to take the plunge and register, so if anyone reading this has been to a previous conference, I’d love to hear about your impressions and what a MSc student might learn from attending.

This article was originally written for the University of Leicester Student Blogs, 31st July 2014.


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