Woomerang Boomerang – It’s Tingha and Tucker

I happened across my Tingha and Tucker membership pack while I was sorting through my parents’ house this afternoon. Here’s the signed picture it contained of Jean Morton with them and their friends.

Tingha and TuckerThe pack dates from 1967 according to the postmark on the envelope it was in. As well as the photograph and badge, it also contains a membership card – almost certainly the first one I ever had. However, I doubt that I had any say in whether I wanted to join, unlike when joining another organisation that had membership cards a few years later.

Membership card - front and backThe inside of the card details the club rules, which are, to say the least, interesting in their scope. The 1960s somehow don’t seem all that rock and roll when you read them. The show was cancelled in 1970, after having run for eight years.

Membership card - insideATV was, of course, the television station that brought us Tiswas just a few years later. Somehow, I don’t think Jean Morton would have been all that impressed.



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