It’s been a busy week at work. While I’m still fit (according to my last set of blood tests in December), I am starting to feel progressively more tired. This week’s schedule meant that Monday and Tuesday were busy days and also that I wasn’t able to get home until around 1am on Wednesday¬†Thursday.

That would have all been probably all right, but getting up at 6am on Thursday to make sure that I got to a customer meeting on time that morning just about finished me off. I got home at 2pm and went to bed. Even after a long sleep, Friday was difficult (though it was spent in the office catching up and preparing for next week) and I’ve only just started to feel “normal” again this morning. I need to listen to my body a little more closely I think, but it’s been useful to find out where my limits are currently.

I go for my next set of blood tests next week and will see my consultant again on the 25th. At the moment next week also looks busy, but somewhat more manageable than the one that’s just passed.


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