The symptoms of lymphoma and what to do if you have them

Around 55% of all lymphomas are found in men. The Lymphoma Association have published this helpful infographic as part of this year’s Mens Health Week, describing the main symptoms.

Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week 2017

There’s more information about these symptoms available here.

If you’re at all concerned, go and see your GP now – don’t wait! I’m glad that I didn’t put off going when I first noticed a small lump on my neck a year ago. My experience is that your GP will listen to your concerns and if they suspect lymphoma, will ensure that you are quickly checked out by specialists, so that you get the correct diagnosis and treatment.


Thank you to the PR and public affairs team at the Lymphoma Association for their kind permission to reproduce their infographic here. (Infographic updated in October 2017 as people are still finding this blog post on a regular basis!)

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  1. sare

    thank you for the notes I am starting the new form of the course in oct 2015. I am sure these notes will be invaluable and I need to get ahead as my family are also experiencing the shadow of cancer. I will donate to the macmillian charity in recognisation of your hard work. I also wish you my heart felt wishes for the future. sare xx

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