British Celanese and the Queen’s visit to Spondon Station, 1957

The first four photographs of British Celanese come from the same roll of film as the ones showing the construction of the A52 at Willowcroft Road. This means that they will date from either 1956 or 1957, as the roll (and this post) finishes with three taken on the day of the Queen’s visit to Derby. It’s been suggested that the reason her train stopped at Spondon, rather than at Derby Midland, was to allow more people to witness her visit to the town.

British Celanese 1957A view from Celanese Road looking towards Holme Lane.
British Celanese 1957The view from Spondon station.
British Celanese 1957The main site entrance.
British Celanese 1957A view of the administration block. Spondon signal box can also be seen in the distance on the left hand side.

The Queen's visit to Derby, 1957The Queen’s visit to Spondon station, 1957.

The Queen's visit to Spondon, 1957It looks like security was relatively low-key!

The Queen's visit to Spondon, 1957The view from Station Road, with a small crowd gathered on the footbridge in front of the station.

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