The 12 posts of Christmas (part 2)

The sixth most read to the most read post published during 2015 (12 – 7 are here).

6. Welcome back – the OU re-launches psychology masters degrees for 2016. Too late for me, but many former and current OU students are happy that these courses are to be re-introduced at last (It now looks as if these courses have been postponed until October 2017).

5. Benchmarking the original Raspberry Pi Model B. A follow-up to the most read post of the year.

4. Spondon Garage in 1952. Two black and white photographs of motoring in days gone by.

Pump attendants at Spondon Garage, 19523. Spondon in colour 1956: Before the Borrowash bypass. The picture below shows the view from near Spondon Methodist church. Today, the A52 leaving Derby runs through the field in the foreground, bisecting Kirk Lees Avenue.

Kirk Leys Avenue 19562. The construction of the A52 at Willowcroft Road, Spondon, 1956-57. A collection of black and white photographs showing how the Borrowash bypass was built.

1. Benchmarking the Raspberry Pi 2. <geek> Running ancient FORTRAN benchmarks on a brand new £30 computer. I haven’t yet got hold of the £5 Raspberry Pi Zero to repeat the feat, but it’s probably only a matter of time … </geek>

Double Precision Whetstone Benchmark Results, RPi 2A Happy Christmas to all my readers. I look forward to seeing you again in 2016.

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