Spondon Caravan Centre in the early 1950s

While going through a box of my grandfather’s photographs, I came across this picture of Spondon Caravan Centre that I believe is from the early 1950s – possibly taken at around the same time as these pictures of Spondon Garage. I don’t have the negative, so the image was taken directly from the print using my Epson V550 scanner.

Spondon Caravan CentreThe picture looks to have been taken from near the junction of Willowcroft Road and Nottingham Road. The mock tudor building in the background is the Moon Hotel on Station Road.

My guess is that the reason the picture was taken was that my grandfather purchased a caravan from there. The two pictures of his caravan that follow were stored with this one.

Caravan exteriorCaravan exterior

Caravan interior   Caravan interior

It all looks rather basic compared to the fully fitted, double-glazed and heated caravans of 2016.

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  1. David Beck

    Left Spondon in1968 what memories photos like this jog,go to the left about 50yds and you get Spondon chip shop, the Post office and the VG shop run by Mr Davies My Sunday school teacher at the chaple david

    • pete

      The pic of the two guys either side of the BPpump are on the left my grandad Tom Wheeldon and on the right his mate Morris, I was brought up around cambridge st and on Kirklees ave north where my aunt still lives,I also spent time at Shropshire ave chaddesdon

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