Why remaining in the EU is the proud, patriotic choice

I’m proud to be English. It’s the country that I was born in, that educated me and that I’ve always been proud to be able to contribute to through my work, taxes and voluntary efforts. It’s home.

I’m proud to be British. Being British is about being welcoming and inclusive to everyone who calls our islands home and who contributes, in whatever way, to enriching our society. We’re brilliant at being able to work well with others, in pursuit of the common good, just as we did when we defeated dictators of all political colours in the last century.

I’m a proud European. The freedom to live and work more easily than ever before in countries across European Union has already benefited millions of us, as well as enabling our European friends to live and work here so that they too can contribute to our society. In particular the NHS and most importantly, the sick and elderly who rely on it, would be in an even more parlous state without the efforts of our European friends adding to our own.

In an increasingly uncertain world, it is our friendships and ability to work together with others that will be essential to defeating extremists of all types, including Daesh, who try to threaten our way of life. If we turn our backs on our nearest neighbours, we risk our border being overwhelmed. It is our duty to continue to build on the sacrifices made by our parents, grand-parents and great-grand parents that succeeded in freeing our country and those of our European friends from the ever-present threat of tyranny and authoritarianism last century. We would be abdicating our responsibility to all of our fellow British Citizens if we turned our back on these sacrifices now.

Why would we want to throw away all of the advances we’ve made as proud Britons over the last few decades? Why would we choose to leave the EU and sacrifice our security, prosperity, freedom and sovereignty to an uncertain future in an uncertain world? Voting to leave would damage all of these things, but the rich, including the unlikely fellow travellers of Farage, Johnson, Gove and Murdoch, would be able to buy themselves out of the consequences of their treacherous actions.

It is clear to me that voting to remain in the EU on June 23rd is the only truly patriotic choice.

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