Spondon village centre in 1962

These photographs of Spondon were taken by my father in 1962. Most of the village centre remains recognisable today, albeit that the businesses have mostly changed.

The first photograph is a view of the village centre looking towards Chapel Street. The edge of the White Swan pub is just visible on the right hand side. The halt markings have long since gone, replaced today by a mini-roundabout.

Spondon Centre towards Chapel Street 1962The second photograph is another view of the centre, looking directly towards the White Swan. The House Agent is now a fish and chip shop (and has been so for as long as I can remember). The zebra crossing and its Belisha beacons belongs to a bygone age, replaced by a pelican crossing more suited to today’s traffic conditions.

Spondon Centre towards White Swan 1962While the first two photographs remain largely recognisable today, the next shows significantly greater change. This is Chapel Street, looking towards the location that the first photograph was taken from. The buildings on the left hand side were demolished and replaced with a shopping precinct sometime during the late 1960s or early 1970s. The buildings near the lamp-post and bus stop on the right hand side have been replaced by Chapel Street Medical Centre, a chemist and other shops.

Chapel Street Spondon 1962The final photograph is of Moor Street and Spondon Liberal Club. The Liberal Club is still flourishing today. However the buildings to the side of it were demolished to make way for a car park and extension.

Moor Street and Spondon Liberal Club 1962

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Reader Comments

  1. Andree

    The picture where you ask for clarification , taken from Sitwell street, the road at the bottom is South avenue. As kids we used to walk this way to and from school. Up the hill in thbackground leade to the nitty onto the gravel pit lark and right would be twatprds Kirklees

      • tim

        Hi Andree,

        I’ve left the original comment in all of it’s autocorrect glory alone as it made me smile!! Thank you – hope the pictures brought back good memories.


  2. Derek Beadsmoore

    On the Chapel st photo the new shopsbuilt where you say is new medical centre wa s at first a new Thornhills shop . Their first shop was down Edmund Rd .

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