Spondon in 1962: outside of the centre

As a follow-up to the 1962 Spondon village centre photographs I posted here last weekend, these are the remaining images from the same film that were taken elsewhere in the village.

The first is the junction of Willowcroft Road with South Avenue.

Willowcroft Road - South Avenue 1962Willowcroft Road sweeps round to the left. At the top of the hill is the junction with Sitwell Street. Two photographs were taken here, the first looking to the left. The spire of St Werburgh’s church is visible to the right of the large tree in the grounds of The Homestead.

Willowcroft Road - Sitwell Street away from centre 1962The second is taken from approximately the same place, but looking to the right of the junction. The Co-op (which I remember as a supermarket from my childhood, but is now a funeral parlour) is visible in the background.

Willowcroft Road - Sitwell Street to centre 1962The next photograph is taken slightly further along Sitwell Street. The building immediately on the left is still there today. However, the buildings next to it have been replaced by houses and, I think, Spondon Village Hall.

Sitwell Street 1962Turning right here leads onto a lane that brings you to Moult Avenue. The houses shown in this photograph are there today, but the surrounding area on South Avenue was later developed for housing, so it all looks rather different now.

Moult Avenue 1962I assume that the next photograph is looking back towards Sitwell Street from this lane, but confirmation would be welcome!

Unknown Spondon 1962The final photograph is of Potter Street. This is facing away from Hall Dyke, with the Malt Shovel Inn just out of sight on the right. The houses in the background were demolished and replaced some years ago.

Potter Street 1962

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Reader Comments

  1. Steve

    The Coop was firstly the old Spondon Cinema where my Grandmother was an usherette.
    The picture looking back towards Sitwell Street is indeed correct and shows the jitty leading to the site of the photo looking towards the Malt Shovel. There is a lamppost about half way along on the side wall of the Homestead. We used to club up it to scrump peaches from over the wall.

  2. stefan barcikowski

    Hello Tim, I lived in one of the houses since demolished in the background. It was a row of three on the right of the car. Their back wall now forms the boundary to the path to Church Street. The cellar is still in the earth. Where the children are was an open spring that ultimately fed the horse trough on Sitwell Street. My dad took water from it to make wine. The council covered it in. Mark Rivers a resident in Spondon, keeps threatening to make an historical film of all these old streets. I will try and send you some photos through later on of the houses. Stefan

  3. Richard Farmery

    So pleased you’ve posted these photos of this part of Spondon. I’ve been wanting to see what this lower part of Sitwell Street looked like before our house was built opposite the Homestead coach house in the early 70s. This is the first time I’ve seen it so thank you. Its quite remarkable.

  4. Amanda Allsopp

    Situated just off the “lane” that runs between Sitwell Street and South Avenue was a two-storey building with land, including an orchard that was owned by my father Thomas Clarke. We kept cars there and my father grew fruit and vegetables. It was sold around the time of his death in 1978. My great aunt Emma Martin lived in the house next to our property which fronts onto Sitwell Street.

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