10,000 steps a day – day 11 – dissertation done!

My dissertation is officially finished. Yay! Well, almost: I will proof read it again tomorrow before submitting all 9,000 lovingly crafted words. But, done. Which brings me to the end of my MSc, too. Here it is in all of its front cover glory.

Dissertation front coverMy advice to future students is simple. No matter how tempting it seems, if you’re going to do a qualitative study purely because you’re scared of statistics, think again. Qualitative research is far more time-consuming and the analysis process far more onerous than anything SPSS can throw at you. Trust me – I’ve done both now. Only do a qualitative piece of research if the question you devise demands it, you have masochistic tendencies and are completely committed to your ontological approach. Otherwise you’ll hate it. And even if you meet all of these criteria, you’ll still hate it at some point during the process. I know I did, but I got through it. There is hope for us all.

I believe that I deserve a beer, before I return my final library book.

BeerNaturally, I walked several thousand steps more than I needed to before I bought the beer. Day 11 and still on track. Only 19 left to go.


If you’d like to sponsor me to walk all over cancer during September, my donations page is here. Thank you to all of my sponsors who have helped me to raise £280 so far. Please join them if you can. It will make me feel like my dissertation has some real value (don’t groan).

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  1. Marc

    Catching up on your blog posts… Well done on getting your dissertation (& MSc) finished Tim!! You must be really pleased and proud of your accomplishment, especially with all your trials and tribulations leading up to this moment. As someone who has vicariously followed your study exploits (and made extensive use of your OU study notes) it’s really great to see you reach this goal. I’m pleased to say that I’m closely following behind you, having finished my OU degree and now halfway through my own MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology (with Kingston University).

    Any plans to go on to a PhD? 🙂

    • tim

      Hi Marc,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, and I hope you successfully complete your MSc too! No plans to go on and do a doctorate at the moment, but never say never I suppose …


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