10,000 steps a day – day 10 – King Lear

The weather wasn’t particularly pleasant yesterday, so going to see the RSC’s King Lear in Stratford was excellent scheduling. Spoiler – everyone dies by the end of the play. There were some good performances from David Troughton as Gloucester, Paapa Essiedu as Edmund and Oliver Johnstone as Edgar, but otherwise the production was somewhat disappointing. We also went for an after-show meal in the rooftop restaurant, which was very tasty.

King Lear ProgrammeBy the time we arrived home, I was a little short of my target, so I took a walk to the shop to buy chocolate. I expect I won’t be losing any weight during September after all. The blue line is the direct route; the red line is the journey I made. 10,244 steps for the day – phew!

Chocolate expeditionToday’s goal (other than the 10,000 steps) is to put the finishing touches to my dissertation.


If you’d like to sponsor me to walk all over cancer during September, my donations page is here. Thank you!

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