10,000 steps a day – day 12 – why I’ve gone purple

This may come as a surprise. It may even be a shock to some of my friends who are aware of my lifelong political views, but I’ve decided to go purple. It’s taken a lot of heart searching to come to this decision as you might expect. I’ve spent hours agonising over this move. I hope that none of you think any the less of me because of it. However, given my desire to truly change things for the better in the UK, the purple option is the only course of action that I believe is open to me.

Today, September 12th 2016, marks the start of Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week. I’ve temporarily turned the border on my blog purple to show my support. Shame on you if you thought I was talking about joining UKIP by the way. I’ve never been so insulted in my life! However, if the words at the beginning of this post drove you to read this, then that’s a good thing. And the Lymphoma Association has achieved many good things, so please keep reading.

For anyone who isn’t aware, Lymphoma is the UK’s fifth most common cancer, with someone being given the diagnosis every 40 minutes. I received mine in August 2104 and I still vividly remember the shock of that day. However, not everyone knows about the signs. The Lymphoma Association published this handy card a few years ago, so I’m reproducing it again here.

Lymphoma symptomsOnce I was given my diagnosis, I found the information on their website about treatments, ‘watch and wait’ and other support services invaluable, as did my family and friends. As part of their activities this week, the Lymphoma Association are also launching the Types Matter initiative. Lymphoma is complex, with more than 60 distinct types and sub-types identified so far. Different treatments are required for each one, so knowing your type is crucial if you’re to get the right treatment.

I’m also naturally carrying on with my 10,000 steps a day challenge for Cancer Research this week. If my purple confession has made you smile, perhaps you could donate a couple of pounds to this really important cause.


If you’d like to sponsor me to walk all over cancer during September, my donations page is here. Thank you!

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