Carsington eight: a Seven driving route

Here’s an enjoyable driving route around Mid Derbyshire. Especially on a cold but sunny Saturday in February in a Caterham 7. What other way is there to travel?

My route map is below, just in case anyone is interested in replicating the experience. I can recommend Kedleston Hall, Carsington Water’s Visitor Centre and Middleton Top as places to visit on this route if you’re not in a hurry …

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  1. Chris Richards

    This is a fantastic route I know very well. If you want to extend it you could turn left onto the B5305 to Ashbourne cutting right just before you enter the town on Windmill Lane and turn right onto the A515 towards Buxton. Then turn right onto the B5056 which winds and twists and climbs to Longcliffe then sweeps downhill to give way at a cross roads on the Via Gellia – the A5012. Turn right then take then after about three miles turn right ( be careful at this junction, it’s on a blind brow on a fast road – beware motorbikes coming the other way) then immediately left to climb to the village of Middleton. Head down through the village and rejoin your route to Wirksworth.

    If any readers are new to this route and this area please, please be aware that lots of cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders love it too, so give them room and don’t commit too hard into the blind bends or brows.

    • tim

      Thanks Chris.

      The extension sounds good to me and I’ll try it out the next time we have some good weather. The advice on watching out for motorcycles and horses is useful, too!


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