Raspberry Pi – camera box

This weekend, I was finally happy that I’d managed to implement a reasonable temperature and humidity project as well as a motion detecting camera for my Raspberry Pi. I decided to invest £19 in a ModMyPi camera box to consolidate them onto my Pi 3. It arrived today, and after an evening’s fun this is the result.

Pi Camera BoxLid open for testing. The DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor is at the front, with the motion sensor and camera mounted in the lid.

Pi Camera Box - installed in the garageIn situ.

I think it looks much better than my original attempt, even if the rather fiddly assembly took a couple of hours (with testing) rather than the 10 minutes claimed by the manufacturer! It also means that as my camera is now mounted the correct way up, I no longer need to rotate the image by 180 degrees in my code …

Update: After I’d installed this in the garage, I started to get a large number of false positives. A change back to my Pi2 made little difference (although the original version I’d put together but without the DHT22 had worked well). Finally, soldering a 10k resistor between the data and ground wires of the PIR detector seems to have resolved the issue of the data pin going high without it sensing movement.

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  1. nigel hunter

    Have you got any ideas for a d.i.y. robot to produce and develop? This could be used in schools to get the future generations used to living with robots and how to make them and live with them?

  2. Sally Norman

    You are so clever! You were always the one people went to when they couldn’t figure something out! I remember it well, Paul Lilley….oh I don’t know, I’ll go and ask Tim, he’ll know! Bless you, do miss the old Pafec days, we should have a reunion! Xx

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