Lump anxiety

This year (or should that read last year), I was fortunate to have one of the longest Christmas and New Year breaks that I’ve ever taken from work. We had Christmas at home, followed by seeing in the New Year at the wonderful Tithe Barn in Ashburton. I finally got back to work yesterday. The only downside of taking such a long break from work is that it gave me yet more time to worry about my lumps. Having lymphoma gives you an ever-present anxiety about what the future holds, but I find it harder to cope with when I’m not being distracted by the craziness that working in software pre-sales provides on a daily basis.

Anyway, the lumps on the left-hand side of my neck are definitely getting bigger (as my new blog photo demonstrates) and I can now easily feel some lumps on the right hand side for the first time. The right-hand side lumps haven’t come as too much of a shock, as some activity was present on my last PET/CT scan. But I wasn’t able to really feel very much in the way of lumps there in October. However I can definitely feel the enlarged lymph nodes now. General tiredness is becoming more of an issue as well.

Fortunately I’ve got a busy couple of weeks at work and at home to keep me suitably distracted until my next appointment with the consultant. That’s a good thing, as at this time of year my other main distraction lives almost permanently in the garage. He hates salty roads and darkness – or rather, his owner hates what salty roads might do to him and is becoming increasingly unwilling to drive very far in the dark.

So that’s where I find myself at the start of 2018. Glad to be back into the daily distractions that work brings, but rather nervous that the time for starting chemotherapy is drawing ever nearer.

One final thing – my eldest daughter criticised my July to December photographs for not including something from the ‘Wedding of the Year™’. I admit that she makes a very good point. So here’s the complete photograph that my new lumpy-face blog image comes from, to partially assuage the guilt I’ve been feeling ever since I hit ‘publish’ on that post.

Emily and me (Lucy James Photography)

I love the adoring look I’m getting as I’m making my speech!

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