Colour pictures of Derwent Dams in the drought of 1959

In 2017 I drove up to the Derwent Dams for the first time in several years. This afternoon as I was going through more boxes of slides that my father left, I came across these ones of the dams. They were taken during 1959, when a severe drought affected Central, Eastern and North-East England between February and November.

Ladybower Reservoir 1959
An almost empty Ladybower Reservoir, looking towards the Snake Pass.
It looks as if this group may be attempting to salvage building materials that were exposed by the drought.
Village remains
The remains of one of the villages submerged to make way for the reservoirs.
Graffiti was clearly a thing in 1959. I wonder who Julie was?
Winifred graffiti
… and for that matter, who was Winifred?
Derwent Dam
Derwent Dam. The water level was considerably higher when I visited in August 2017.
Derwent Reservoir
A rather empty Derwent Reservoir.

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