It’s 11 days since my first chemotherapy cycle and I feel as if I’m making progress. The last week has been characterised by long periods of total fatigue and feeling unwell. However, sometime around 1am on Saturday morning I woke up feeling as if I’d had a massive energy boost. I wasn’t able to get back to sleep for a few hours. I’m not sure what caused it. I guess it’s possible that my bone marrow decided to make large quantities of red blood cells in response to being temporarily shut down by the chemotherapy drugs, but I’m speculating. Something to ask the haematology consultant a week on Tuesday I think. Since that time I’ve felt almost normal, if still a little tired, most of the time.

My lumps have definitely shrunk in size. The right hand side of my neck which had swollen so rapidly after Christmas is now back to almost normal. I can now feel distinct (but still swollen) lymph nodes on the left hand side of my neck, rather than one large, angry lump. My neck has reappeared. I’m really looking forward to seeing what further damage a dose of Cytarabine and Rituximab does to the bastard beast™ in cycle two.

Having initially lost around 3-4kg, my weight appears to have stabilised around 91kg – just a little overweight. I still can’t stand the taste of coffee. The thought of green vegetables and alcohol makes me feel unwell. But everything else seems fair game food and drink-wise, which is fantastic.

Definite progress. I’m both relieved and grateful in equal measure.



If you’d like to help new research into cancer, then could I ask you to take a few minutes to look at what my ace daughters will be doing later on this year? And better still, sponsor them in their endeavour for a pound or two afterwards. Thank you.

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  1. Helen Filkins

    Well done Tim, it’s not an easy road but you have the right attitude. Take each day as it comes and do whatever feels right for your body. Rest when you feel you need to and make the most of days when you feel well. Make sure you have some treats along the way to keep you going! Thinking of you and sending love and best wishes x

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