Hair today, gone tomorrow (probably)

The inevitable is happening. Just over two weeks after my first chemo cycle and I’ve started to lose my hair. Nicely in time for the ‘mini beast from the east’, which is raging outside the study window as I write. I’m pleased to report that my eyebrows are still holding their own, but the thatch on top is now falling away in ever-increasing quantities. It’s taking longer to unblock the shower plughole with every day that passes. I’m a bit like one of those moulting, long-haired “carpet dogs” – a human golden retriever (but grey).

Hair and eyebrows 17-03-2018

I intend to let my hair fall out naturally, rather than shave it off (unless it gets too irritating). I expect I’d feel differently if I spent more time (and money) on it. Like Noel Fielding obviously does, for example (*). I’m treating its disappearance as another signal that the treatment is working. While the lymphoma is not welcome, I’m determined that I’m not going to make any special concessions to it. It’s not the lymphoma that’s making my hair fall out – it’s the treatment, and it’s great that it seems to be working.

Note – never run a poll about your hair / eyebrows on a family messenger session. Democracy doesn’t work under such circumstances.

Poll which proves that democracy doesn't work in families.



(*) I don’t have anything against Noel Fielding. He’s way better than those blasted singing cakes, for example. But his latest hairstyle has been causing considerable angst in one member of the Holyoake family this afternoon.

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  1. Andrew Morrish

    Think of the treatment as giving you the chance to experience a different personal style Tim. The ‘shock of the new’ is challenging for all of us, but often that wears off quickly and we find new personal dimensions and refreshment from a revised personal image. There was a great interview with Sir Bobby Charlton on radio recently that might reassure you – so if you do choose to go for the clippers at some point then I’m sure you will find positives from the change (after you all you already have a hat for the Caterham so you’ve got the downside covered)

    In a far smaller way, I still remember moving from a centre to side parting as a school kid and growing up overnight (it did help to lose my ‘purdy’ nickname too!); and then much later progressing from that to my current full head ‘long shave’ – it helped me feel I had become a proper ‘Ops’ guy. I’m sure others will have found the same,

    As another “beneficiary” of ear and nose hair, I’m right with your voter……we could all do with that happening.

    All best wishes – I’m enjoying keeping up with you through your writing.


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