Buxton was closed

Last week I paid a visit to Buxton for the first time in many years. Self-styled as “England’s leading spa town” (although I’m sure Royal Leamington Spa may have something to say about that claim) the visit was a disappointment.

The Crescent and Pump Rooms remain under renovation, with the 2018 re-opening date given on the hoardings looking optimistic. A BBC news article published in 2017 suggests that it may re-open in 2019, 12 years behind schedule.

Buxton CrescentHowever, the site was a hive of activity when I visited, unlike at the Octagon. This is also undergoing renovation, with the Pavilion Garden’s website suggesting a “late summer” reopening this year. This seems a tad optimistic.

Buxton OctagonThe miniature railway in the Pavilion Gardens, supposedly open every day during the summer holidays was, you guessed it, closed.

Buxton Miniature Train

The Opera House is lovely from the outside and had its doors open, but was inaccessible due to an extended fire drill.

Buxton Opera HouseThe main shopping area is unusual as nearly all of the major high street banks and building societies (as well as some of the lesser ones) have a presence. The rest of the shopping area is unremarkable, with the former Grove Hotel at one end in a poor state of repair.

Grove HotelThe only redeeming feature of the visit was Charlotte’s Chocolates in the Cavendish Centre, next to the Crescent. Great coffee, hot chocolate and cake. The homemade chocolates proved too tempting not to buy as well.

Buxton should have more to recommend it by 2020 – but until then it’s probably not worth a visit outside of the festival.

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Reader Comments

  1. Ian Walsh

    As a citizen of Buxton , it is such a shame that the Buxton Pavilion is taking such a long time to be repaired / refurbished. I just hope that the events that used to be put on in the Pavilion will return as it used to be such a hive of activity.

    • tim

      I’d love to visit Buxton again when the rebuilding is finished. The town should have much to recommend it, it was just a shame that nothing seemed to be open on the day we came!

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