Transplant +2: Slowing down

Yesterday remained fairly quiet. I was given a nebulizer in the morning as a precaution against pneumonia. Other than that, I spent most of the day sat on the bed or chair, doing very little. I’ve been asked to make my movements slowly and deliberately from now onwards, to avoid the risk of a fall. With my haemoglobin levels dropping, light-headedness and fainting from standing up too quickly is a real risk. Slowing down is not something that comes first-nature to me, but at the moment it seems like very good advice indeed.

I was sick last night for the first time in the whole treatment process since March. Ironically, it happened because I failed to swallow an anti-nausea tablet correctly and it lodged in my throat. Naturally, the nurse was there to see me make a complete arse of myself. But her compassion and understanding towards me was lovely. Such good treatment makes me feel very positive towards the world this morning.

I’m still reasonably side-effect free. I’ve been warned to expect the worst of the Melaphalan impact next week, so I’m trying to eat and drink as normally as possible at the moment. I always knew that days +4 to +10 were likely to be the worst. Taking one day at once, one hour at once, is the only way to approach this.

Before I left home on the evening of 4th September I spent some time in my garage, sat in my 7. I took photographs. I’ve used that experience to keep me motivated over the last few hours. At the moment I need to slow down, but I’m looking forward to the time when I can get back up to full speed again.

A gratuitous picture of Gnu.
A gratuitous picture of Gnu. Partly because he’s better looking than me, but mostly because I’ve been playing with a paint program on my tablet this morning.


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  1. Andrew Morrish

    For some the opportunity to be un-connected and to be able to be “in the moment” with your thoughts, simply reflecting and ordering, can be a very powerful, energising time – helpful for re-appraising purpose and focus. Don’t want to go all “new age” on you!! but perhaps the slow-down is also a great opportunity?

      • Matt

        Agreed. Rare is that moment when you can be alone with your thoughts and have those thoughts be clean and free of work, responsibility and challenge. Being on your own, taking a breath and accepting that moment and all it contains into yourself is a difficult thing to do but also leads to a certain peace that can not be refused.

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