Transplant +5: The storm

The storm arrived in the early hours of this morning. I was sick and then developed a temperature of 38.3. The staff here quickly took various samples from me and I was given a chest X-Ray. That took three attempts as I appear to have very large lungs. The person who took it asked if I was a runner. I was honoured and amused in equal measure.

The impact of all of these people working so effectively around me has calmed the storm down. My temperature is still above normal, but the treatment seems to be working.

Your good wishes for the staff here and me would be hugely appreciated today. I am not in a good place, but I am in the right place.

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Reader Comments

  1. tim

    Martin Brophy: Thanks again for your blog updates. Hope the x Ray results are all okay. Glad your being looked after well and I hope the sickness subsides soon. Best wishes to you and the staff.

  2. tim

    Helen Filkins: Sending love and best wishes to you and everyone looking after you. You are in the right place and just have to ride the storm one day at a time, knowing you’re one day closer to recovery x

  3. tim

    David Byrne: Hang in there Tim, you’re doing brilliantly and have a great team with you by the sounds of it. Oh yeah, maybe leave off the running for a bit though 😀

  4. tim

    Andrew Morrish: Hi Tim, Great to hear the people are around you are looking after you so carefully and well. They do a vital job in a hugely complex system, sometimes despite the system it seems to the outside observer. Your post on ‘dips’ got me thinking yesterday. Initially it was roads – cycling never quite delivers enough friction free and there is always a slight physical challenge on the exit and as you know, no-one is likely to mistake me for an athlete!! so my mind moved on fairly quickly to nostalgia. Shertbert dips and dibdabs. Those dip may not be so good for teeth or diabetes, but they do deliver a bit of a kick for very little effort. I hope you can find some sherbert among the inputs you get today wihthout setting up a craving……. If the weather here is anything to go by, then you should get some rewarding sights out of the window from the combination of growing breeze/wind and the brighter day. Post some pics if you can – will keep watching and interract if I can. ATB

  5. tim

    Matt Smith: We are here Tim, watching and waiting and thanking our health service professionals. Thank you for looking after Tim everyone in the department! I hope you feel better later today/tomorrow Tim.

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