Transplant +6: Follow the lights

The storm continues to rage around me, but I’m comfortable. Lots of drug infusions and blood transfusions are helping. Because my platelets had dropped below 10, I’ve had a transfusion of those this lunchtime. I feel rather better than I did first thing. Nausea is proving to be a bigger problem than it usually is for me, but the platelet transfusion should help with that as well. I’m writing this while nibbling away on tiny pieces of fruit, with a fluid drip clicking away in the background replacing some of the salts I lost earlier on. I’m definitely comfortable.

I took this rather blurry picture on the Monsal Trail in August. The way is lit, but you can’t see the end of the tunnel as it curves away to the right. This seems like an appropriate metaphor for where I find myself today.

Follow the lights
Follow the lights

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  1. Dawn Lee

    That light is there Tim, so keep doing what you’re doing and let the medics do their thing – you will get there and you are doing so well. I love your use of images, songs, memories and pictures to paint such a powerful picture of your journey. Don’t know if you’re a cricket fan but when I’m faced with challenges that seem long and drawn out I imagine I’m Alistair Cook at the crease hiting that ball over by over to stay in and run down the clock to victory! Sending you love and best wishes Tim

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