Transplant +7: Pulling an all-nighter

Good morning! Following some unusual side-effects to treatment yesterday, I’m pleased to report that I seem, for the moment at least, to be turning a corner. Yesterday felt like the whole team went up at least a gear or two to make sure that I was supported. I’ve never spent so much time talking to haematology consultants and doctors as I did yesterday.

Anyway, my side of the bargain was that I needed to pull an all-nighter. I haven’t done one of those for some years (My friend Matt Smith will remember one in particular) … and in the end, my part was mostly to sleep through it. Since 9pm yesterday I’ve had two infusions of tranexamic acid (the second is currently underway at 6.15am), two units of red blood (for those that don’t know, a unit takes approximately 2 hours to be transfused) and intravenous antibiotics.

It hasn’t helped that one of the inevitable chemo side effects, diarrhea, has also kicked in at the same time. But at least I’m now an expert in using a commode,  as they’re not keen on me moving around too much at the moment in case I have a fall. It’s a brilliant device, and I feel that every home should have one. I may invest in one myself when I get home for those days when I really can’t be bothered to walk 10 metres to the bathroom. Or not … !

The real test of processes is when they have to veer off the “happy path”. That happened here yesterday, and the hospital’s exception handling was executed impeccably.

Hartington signal box
Which lever would you pull to make sure the train stayed on course?
(Photo taken at Hartington Signal Box on the Tissington Trail, August 2018)

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  1. Andrew Morrish

    Tim – if you did fall and find yourself cut open on the inside it would read process engineer – just need to know whether the exceptions you noted were within acceptable planned tolerance and if not what degree of deviation you are driving!! More man maths might be needed here. Great to hear from you as always – perhaps the commode could also be used as an armchair at home?

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