Transplant +45: Gentle exercise

Since I last wrote on T+30 I’ve continued to make progress. I’m still tired much of the time and if sleeping was an Olympic sport I’d be a certainty for the gold medal. However, it feels as if some kind of normality might not be that far away.

Physical exercise

This is the easiest to measure. Since T+30:

  • I no longer need my walking stick.
  • I’ve managed to drive both the Alfa and the 7 a couple of times, although not very far.
  • I spent a couple of hours at the Donington museum.
  • I’ve walked around the woods on Oakwood (several times), Kedleston Hall and yesterday spent some time walking around the gardens at Chatsworth (when I wasn’t eating cake, naturally). My daily step count has gone up from around 1,500 to averaging 5,000 or so. Yesterday I exceeded 8,000 for the first time in two months. My resting pulse has continued to come down (73 today), although it’s still a little above my mid-sixties norm.
Chatsworth - the view from the grotto
Chatsworth – the view from the grotto

Mental exercise

This is a little harder to measure, but since T+30:

  • I’ve built a surveillance camera for the driveway. This was motivated by the possibly paranoid belief I hold that an intruder tried to get into the house the first night I was home from hospital. It consists of a Raspberry Pi 3B+ inside a custom case, running MotionEye on Raspbian. (I originally tried MotionEyeOS, but it proved to be unstable). So far the only intruder its spotted is a spider.

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Reader Comments

  1. Matt

    Thanks for the update – the step count increase is great to see. Glad you’ve got the cars out and about. My wife went all electric (Nissan Leaf) a few months ago, and we’ve both been super impressed with it. Combined with a Solar PV system and our car “fuel” costs are almost non-existent.

    I’m thinking of joining her on the electric journey – but more because she tells me one of the best things about it is never having to visit a petrol station to fuel up! (She almost exclusively drives short journeys.)

    Although, part of me really wants a Range Rover sport SVR – but that does 9 miles to the gallon – ;-p

    Glad you are slowly progressing Tim.

    • tim

      If battery weights continue to come down while capacities go up, an electric 7 could be quite something! The alfa will need replacing sooner rather than later, but given my frequent trips to Bracknell a hybrid may be more useful than full electric for me at the moment. I quite like the look of the hybrid Golf, but not the price …

  2. Andrew Morrish

    Those KPIs all look good Tim. Well done. Somehow the spider seems appropriate as Halloween beckons – try to get it to move to the security lights and you could offer more tricks than treats.

    Personal view is that curretn batteries are a little too dependent on scarce materials whereas hydrogen fuel cells offer a more sustainable option. Take a look at Based in Wales!

Your thoughts?