Derby would now vote to remain in the EU

I missed Channel 4’s “Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks” last night. However, the headline was that by an eight percentage point margin, Britain would now prefer to remain in the EU. Jonathan Calder noted yesterday evening that a number of areas in the East Midlands would now vote to remain. My home city of Derby is one of them.

The Boy and the Ram, Wilfred Dudeney, 1963
The Boy and the Ram, Wilfred Dudeney, 1963.

In the June 2016 referendum, 57.22% of those voting in Derby said that they wanted to leave the EU. Survation’s data for Channel 4 now suggests that only a minority – 49.8% – are comfortable with that choice. This represents a 7.42 percentage point change in favour of remaining in the EU – the equivalent of around 1 in 8 voters switching from leave to remain.

The other cities in the East Midlands have seen even larger movements in opinion. Leicester is ever more firmly in the remain camp by 10.59 percentage points. Nottingham (10.77% change) and Lincoln (9.41% change), like Derby, have switched from leave to remain.

Of course, this is all moot unless our MPs choose to act on new information about the public mood. You can politely encourage your MP to do so by writing to them at the House of Commons. Alternatively, you may want to customise Open Britain’s latest email template.

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Reader Comments

  1. Derek Beadsmoore

    That is why they have been spinning out the Leave process to piss enough people off to change their minds . Disgusting high jacking of Democracy .

    • tim

      I respectfully disagree. Democracy is a process, not a single event. You can’t subvert democracy by offering more of it. David Davis MP, former Brexit secretary and prominent “leave” supporter, once wisely said as a backbench MP – “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.” If people are changing their minds, as the current polling suggests, then it’s only right and patriotic that we have a confirmatory referendum now that the actual “leave” deal the governmwnt has negotiated is apparant.

Your thoughts?