Bulb Energy: Impressive customer service

I had this email from Bulb Energy today. Impressive stuff – particularly as I’d rung off before the call had been answered. As it happened, I’d found the answer I needed on their website while I was waiting. Such a different experience to the unlamented Iresa Energy, who were nothing but trouble in the year we were with them. Fortunately I’d managed to switch from Iresa to Bulb a few weeks before they went under.

Bulb £10 credit email


If you’d like to switch to Bulb, using this link will get you a £50 credit towards your energy bill. Full disclosure – if you use it and switch, I’ll also get a £50 credit.

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  1. Andrew Morrish

    Impressive. I’ve been with them 6 months – no progress with SMART meter roll out yet though which means I am reading my own meter more than i want to

  2. Laurence Cox

    I’ve been with Bulb for just over a year and am beginning to have second thoughts about them. My electricity and gas usage is pretty constant from year to year but their estimate of my annual bill has risen from £600 to £780 with a corresponding increase in monthly payments, so almost all the saving I made by switching has disappeared. Also, because they require payments to be made in advance, should anything happen to this company and they go out of business I will end up as an unsecured creditor and probably not get anything back.

    Running my annual usage through uSwitch shows I should only be paying £724 on Bulb, and there are a couple of Green plans that would save me a further £60-100. Even EDF Energy is showing up as £36 cheaper.

    I had a similar problem with Centrica when I was paying monthly; their estimate of my monthly payments led to me having a credit of several hundred pounds before I cancelled it and switched to paying quarterly in arrears based on my actual usage.

    I’m going to keep Bulb’s actions under review until April as the credits won’t start bullding up until then and decide if to switch again.

    • tim

      Hi Laurence,

      You shouldn’t need to worry about your credit balance if any energy company goes out of business – Ofgem’s safety net guarantees “Your new supplier will pay back the outstanding credit you may have.” The full details are here. As far as I’m aware it’s always been honoured so far – most recently in the case of Iresa.

      I find Money Saving Expert’s cheap energy club a good way to keep tabs on prices. Just about every single supplier has put their prices up over the last 6 months due to a steady rise (at least, up until October) in wholesale energy costs. Bulb’s blog on this topic is interesting.

      Bulb aren’t the cheapest supplier for me at the moment – but the ones that are cheaper (based on my consumption) all look like another Iresa waiting to happen. I don’t want to go through that experience again any time soon! But I’m always going to switch to a better deal if I can, if the supplier has a decent reputation for customer service.

      Thanks for the comment – and all the best in finding the right deal for you.


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