A hostage to fortune

I’m not necessarily known for the accuracy of my predictions. But having watched the coverage from Downing Street this morning while trying not to utter too many expletives, here’s my latest hostage to fortune.

I expect Theresa May to win the confidence vote tonight, with around 75-80 of her colleagues voting against her.

Not that it changes anything if she does win. It is all a self-indulgent side-show while the country burns – taking Derby with it. I hope that every member of the Conservative party is feeling a deep sense of shame.

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Reader Comments

  1. Andrew Morrish

    Completely agree Tim. But perhaps a vote which leads to temporary suspension of Article 50 to enable a Government of genuine National Unity to be established with a parliamentary mandate to negotiate the least worst BREXIT in the National long term sustainable interest is the best we can now hope for. I have no idea what the right margin would be to drive that but the time for party politicians to have this much influence over national destiny when they have no mandate to do so must surely come under real consitutional questioning by the true democratic voters of the UK. This needs proper grown ups to sort it out and I can’t help feeling there are respected figures outside politics who would be able to address the balanced needs of the country far better and with far more focus and energy that distracted politicans

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