Dartmouth Harbour in 1955 and 2019

Two views of the harbour at Dartmouth, the first taken in 1955 and the second a couple of days ago. Not very much seems to have changed in the last 64 years. The walls are no longer whitewashed, boats are mainly fibreglass instead of wood, Lloyds Bank is now Jack Wills and The Stores is a branch of Boots.

Dartmouth Harbour 1955
Dartmouth Harbour in the summer of 1955 …
Dartmouth Harbour 2019
… and in January 2019

Elsewhere, The Flavel Arts Centre serves a good coffee and the Dartmouth Museum is small but welcoming. The newly refurbished Platform 1 Station Bar & Restaurant has a great view of the river and is decorated with well-known Winston Churchill quotations. I munched through my scampi and chips under the steely gaze of the former PM, wondering what he’d make of the mess his country is in.

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  1. Kevan Swindell

    In the 1955 photo, Boots is trading in the unit Right hand side of “The Stores”
    When “the stores” vacated the unit, Boots extended it’s store into that unit over 20 years ago.
    This was one of my many projects I worked on at Boots, but was one of my favourites as I love Dartmouth.
    Spent last 2 summers down there.
    Hope you have a great year Tim.

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