Chester in 1952 vs 2019

I returned to Chester last week to attend the BPS occupational psychology conference. As I arrived early, I took the opportunity to re-shoot two of the 1952 photographs of Chester that I’d got wrong last year.

St John's Ruins 1952
St John’s ruins in 1952 …
St John's ruins in January 2019
… and in January 2019
Richard Grosvenor 1952
The statue of Richard Grosvenor in 1952 …
… and in January 2019

It lifted my spirits to see the conference hotel flying the EU flag alongside the Union flag. It’s a shame we collectively did so little of this prior to the 2016 referendum.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chester flying the EU flag alongside the Union flagGiven the redevelopment that’s happening around the hotel at the moment, I can’t see this building being around in 2086 to photograph again.

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